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Combat Dust - Cover Your Stockpile

Dust — it pervades all earthly things and the deepest recesses of space. We battle domestic dust, atmospheric dust, saw dust, road dust, industrial dust, coal dust, and mineral dust.  Billions of tons of it rises annually into the air.  It smothers, clogs, dulls, and pollutes.
Reducing dust levels at a bulk material handling operation is a requirement driven by a combination of environmental, operational, employee and community expectations.  
Fugutive Dust

Fugutive dust is a nuisance.

Within an operation, dust adversely affects employee health, visibility, and adds a variety of maintenance headaches.  Externally, the irritation caused by fugitive dust can have a major impact on community relations.  Increasingly stringent environmental regulations add yet another layer of concern.  
Finding a solution that balances all these issues while keeping your business competitive is a complex challenge. 
Many industries have tried foams, sprays and windbreaks, but while these may buy some time, they are seldom sufficient to control dust over large areas and they are ineffective for runoff.  While the application of water (with or without additives) is the most common way to address dust, the amount of water used is staggering. In many regions, due to water scarcity, this isn’t a sustainable solution either.
Why not cover your stockpile?  Geometrica designs long-span domes and vaults that cover stockpiles, prevent runoff, contain dust and spare landscapes.  Your operations, employees, neighboring communities, and landscapes are protected against fugitive dust.  
Dust Contained with a Covered Stockpile.
Dust is contained with a covered stockpile.
Geometrica offers a practical solution that saves both time and money.  
Geometrica’s assembly process ensures a fast, safe and easy installation.  With on-site expert guidance, our structures are installed with locally-sourced labor.  Any crew member that has installed scaffolding, or has worked miscellaneous metals, has the required skills. All of our structure’s connections are mechanical so no welding is required.
Our domes and vaults may also be designed so that installation is done while the pile is in operation.  Maximum space is achieved due to the absence of internal columns.  This allows for the free flow of inventory, traffic, personnel, and equipment.  Our goal is to seamlessly connect bulk storage solutions with operations - and, importantly, with zero downtime.
Storage Freestyle Gridshell Dome
Maximum space without any internal columns
Covering your stockpile also helps protect the bottom line.  Fighting off wind, rain and other contaminants safeguards inventory from erosion and deterioration.  Material is kept dry, ready for immediate handling and it’s not depleted.
Geometrica structures can be made of galvanized steel or aluminum. Cladding can be steel or aluminum, and translucent skylights may be arranged in a beautiful pattern to save energy during daytime operation.  And, cladding can be applied inside or outside the structure, or both. 
Geometrica has been in business since 1992, and has completed installations in over 35 countries around the world.  
Interior of Longitudinal Dome for Coal Storage (Tunisia)
Interior of longitudinal dome for coal storage (Tunisia)
Design and functionality are hallmarks of Geometrica.  We have delivered domes for just about every stockpile shape imaginable.  Here are a few examples;
Location Storage Application Span (m) Covered Area (m2)
 Cuajone, Peru Copper Ore 105 12,300
 Carthage Cement, Tunisia Cement Additives 53 15,815
 San Cristobal, Bolivia Zinc Ore 142 15,394
 Aguas Teñidas, Spain Copper Ore 58 2,650
 Pupuk Kaltim, Indonesia Coal 81 5,153
 Kampot Cement, Cambodia Limestone 86 5,809
 Ruwais Sulphur, UAE Sulphur 134 14,100
 CICE, Mexico Urea 52 6,240
 Lafarge Lichtenburg, S Africa Limestone 113 20,057
 JEA Northside, FL, USA Petcoke 122 23,380
Free-Form Dome on Uneven Terrain (Chile)
Existing equipment covered with our free-form dome on uneven terrain (Chile)
Dust from ore handling and crushing was smothering the landscape and vineyards.  Coemin had used foam sprays and fabric barriers, but they were ineffective.  It was time to cover the plant.  Geometrica’s free-style dome was the perfect solution for the sprawling stockpile, equipment and conveyors. 
Vineyards Near Coemin
The vineyards near Coemin are protected
Since the 19th century, people have tried to get rid of dust by paving roads, turning yards into lawns and using vast amounts of water to wash dust away.  Dust knows no boundaries.  From the cosmos to the kitchen counter, dust in all of its forms is a nuisance.  
Regardless of geography or climate, Geometrica solves dust problems with endless design options.  We believe that industry can be dust-defiant, tread more softly around Mother Nature, and be a good corporate citizen — without breaking the budget — sustainably.
Dome at San Cristobal, Bolivia
Dome at San Cristobal, Bolivia
Our mission is to provide solutions for industries around the world.  The question is, “What can Geometrica do for you?”
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