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Chi Chi Chi, Le Le Le, Viva Chile!

Primera Junta Nacional
On September 18, Chile celebrates its "primera junta nacional".  In celebration of all things Chilean, we feature a few projects that we have built in that beautiful country.
Chile contains great mineral wealth, and the mining sector is one of the pillars of the Chilean economy.  As such, Geometrica has delivered dozens of installations for the mining industry - Barrick Zaldivar, El Tesoro, Esperanza, Caserones, Sierra Gorda, and Coemin to name a few. 
And, we have also served the cement, architectural, and power industries.
Since 1996, two longitudinal domes for cement aggregates have been in service for Cementos Bio Bio, one of the largest cement manufacturers in Chile. Here’s a short video celebrating their 20 years in service …


In Concepción, movie goers enjoy films on a super-sized IMAX screen in a unique architectural dome spanning 28m.
Lamella 3/4 Sphere in Chile

A Lamella 3/4 sphere is a landmark of the Teatro Omnimax in Chile

Most recently, the Freedome® at the Bocamina Ⅱ power plant is one of our most challenging and successful projects.  We are covering nearly 23,000m2 without any interior columns. 

Click on the following photo for a short video as the structure nears completion

Endesa, Chile's largest electric utility company, is covering the coal storage yard


At Geometrica, time does pass quicker because we enjoy what we do.  Architects, miners, power producers and cement manufacturers have come to know and trust Geometrica over the decades.  Regardless of geography or climate or application, we have the know-how to design solutions.  

Felices fiestas patrias Chile!

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